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It's all good, (well most of it anyway.) BBQ is such a regional thing. In some areas, anything cooked on a grill is "bbq'd." Here where I live, the word BBQ is used in a very narrow sense. If you say "bbq" it is understood by everybody at all times that you mean specifically smoked, pulled pork. Nothing else is "bbq." That's not a slight or insult to anything else, we eat all the other stuff and enjoy it too; we just call it something else, like "ribs" or "brisket" or whatever. And "BBQ" is never a verb, it is a specific noun. As far as integrity, everything is always in a constant state of flux. You'll have people from the Carolina Coastal Plain swear that somebody a couple counties away is destroying the integrity of bbq by putting anything at all into the vinegar that they pour on the meat, and get fighting mad about it. I'm sure that's the same in Texas, Memphis, KC, California, or anywhere else with a tradition of bbq. No two people even from the same region, county, or holler have the same taste buds, so things are bound to change, and that's not always a bad thing. As long as it's meat cooked over live coals and it tastes good to the people who cook and eat it, that's what really matters. It's good that there are enough people out there keeping the old traditions alive that people have a chance to taste the "real thing" of their region and see what bbq has been and can be. Whether you cook it in a cinderblock pit, or in a state-of-the-art smoker with electronic computerized gizmos controlling the temp to the half-degree, there's room for all of it. In the end, if it tastes good, it'll last. If it doesn't, it won't. People here will still be gathering and smoking pigs over hickory coals in the middle of what used to be I-40 centuries after Hormel and their canned meat by-products have disappeared from the earth and herds of wild cattle graze amongst the ruins of Raleigh and Charlotte.
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