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Originally Posted by Lake Dogs View Post
Funny you mention that as an example. I came to competition BBQ by way of competing in TONS of chili cookoffs myself. If I hadn't seen it first-hand, I would never have believe what people will pass across a table and call it chili. I dont mean to hijack this thread into a chili thread, but I'm trying to explain what to a small degree this is a relevant discussion to be had. I've seen stuff that 99% of us would clearly call spaghetti sauce come across a table presented as chili. I've seen some of the best steak I've ever tasted in my life be sliced up thin, rare to medium rare, dusted with a little seasoning and called chili. I've seen pasta, mushrooms, corn, chicpeas, other types of peas, all types of "secret" ingredients that would normally be found in Asian food, or Italian food, etc. come across and be presented as "Texas Red". I'm thinking to myself: REALLY?.
And that's my point. If there's no defining criteria of some sort I could actually put an apple in a sauce pan, heat it up and tell you it's bbq. When it is really just an apple in a sauce pan. It's been joked about on here a ton but I've watched someone make sloppy joe sandwiches on a stove and call it bbq.....and was serious.
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