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Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post

There's that word again.

I think an awareness of past methods and principles is a good thing to make available to those who are interested. Once nobody is interested any more, well, not much one can do about that I guess.
From a Bama Buzzard, located in Louisianna...

What did 'ya expect?

However, yeah, I agree Bama. Particularly, I dont care that some, watching TV shows, etc. have begun to call all types of **** BBQ with no understanding of what is, isn't, might, might not be BBQ...

I'm not trying to argue over symantics if this is and that ain't BBQ, but without some grounding and understanding at least fundamentally (historically) what IS BBQ (and to some degree the roots of BBQ), there's no debate to be had.

However, I dont know that my or our opinion will change much. Reporters will still show un-informed stuff and pass it off as the end-all be-all. People will still see sanctioned BBQ cookoffs and think "they do it, it's definitely Q" when all they're seeing are sanctioning bodies defining their game, and in many cases organizers adding additional games in the mix. They're not trying to define what IS nor ISN'T Q. But, that's not what average Joe come away with...

And, what actually (above) may seem contrary to Landarc, I offer that it embraces his point. BBQ is regional! What is, isn't, can and can't be, IS regional. Lets not lose this. In my particular region, we'd never consider tri-tip BBQ, but in his area it IS, and I hear it can be awesome. I for one would love a good Santa Maria grill, as I have plenty of oak and love oak-fired steaks. <--- dont happen to call it BBQ, but again I'm from a very under-educated region (self deprecating humor I find most funny).
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