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Originally Posted by AZBBQ View Post
OK well I smoked my first butt. BUT I had to finish it off in my oven for the last 4 hours. Not cool.

I filled up my basket with one and a half bags of Kingsford competition and about 10 chunks of Hickory. Did the minion method with the bottom of the chimney starter and got it goin. I did use a water pan. Temp took about an hour to get to 250. Set the 8 lb butt in and had to tend to the drum every 90 minutes due to temp flux. Ended up drilling while cooking to keep the temp up above 200. I now have 8 3/4" holes wide open. Started at 12:45am and by 7am the temps tanked. I looked at the charcoal basket and it was all burned up. Top was on most of the time unless I needed more heat then I removed to get something burning better then put it back on. long night

Pretty sure I am going to buy a smoker, too much time and money in this thing that I can't get to work.

I may try a different charcoal basket but man I am running out ideas here. I shouldn't need two or three bags of charcoal for a 12 hour burn should I.
You know what the problem is?? I'm gonna tell ya. Your trying to fix what aint broke. Here's the Scoop News Worthy; "THE UDS is a BDS Clone" the original BDS don't use no Farking Water pan! Get rid of the water pan get rid of your problems. A UDS is a direct heat cooker putting a Water pan in the mix is as productive trying to wash your feet while wearing Hip waders.
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