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Most of the facts regarding the specific heat of water are correct but I think the thing being missed is that you are not doing that work over an open fire so there is some energy savings that would apply here - the heat remains in the smoker until exiting your exhaust. I would say that it becomes harder to cook at higher temperatures say over 300 with a water pan. I would try cooking without the water pan and see what the difference is for you. If you still have poor temps and charcoal consumption I would rethink your charcoal basket. Model your basket after the weber - use the charcoal grate off of a 22.5" kettle and use expanded metal to make the basket 6" tall. The charcoal ring on my wsm is maybe 4" tall and can burn for over 20 hours at 235. I have the same basic set up in my uds and never had an issue with burn times or poor charcoal consumption. The other item that may contribute to poor burn times is wind and rain. If you find that situation, try to make some kind of wind block and wind related issues will be resolved.
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