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Default What Ima gonna do next

OK well the first time was a disaster, about 3 hours and it died. So I added a ton more fuel and added more vent holes. Lasted the 6 hours on a ton of fuel. I am guessing the water pan used a lot and the charcoal basket was too low.
So, I think that if I want to use the water pan she is going to use a LOT of fuel. so I will attempt wo water in the pan. Also, add another thermometer on the food grate to get a good accurate temp reading. I have a feeling with no water I will be plugging up a lot of holes to keep the temps where I want them. 225-250 for me personally.

I don't know I have this water pan thing that I want to use so maybe h20 for the first three hours where the meat soaks up the most smoke then control the temps and let the h20 run out. Any other suggestions?

Thank you in advance.
May your meat always be juicy and tasty
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