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Originally Posted by SirPorkaLot View Post
"Porky" cute.

I wouldn't go around bragging about BBQ restaurant or TV BBQ Pitmasters food in their restaurants.

At least not where people can see.

If your gold standard is what you eat at Dickeys, Sonny's or Tony Romas, then we really have nothing to discuss anyways.
I got to give him credit though. He's hell bent on telling us we CANNOT tell the difference. No matter if we really can. I know I can. I've eaten at Tony Roma's, Applebee's and Chili's and there was an obvious taste difference. I'm not saying their stuff was "awful". If it was "awful" it wouldn't sell. But if I'm using a criteria of smoke flavor, texture, and tenderness. I can usually tell you real quick if something was truly Q'd or not.

We used to have a "Smokey Bones" here in Shreveport that stayed open less than a year and a half. The first time I went I had their rib plate I notice the texture and just the overall flavor didn't seem like anything I'd ever eaten that I knew was pulled out of a smoker. So I asked the waiter if these were smoked in a smoker in the back or not. He asked me why I asked. I told him I do a lot of Q'n and something didn't taste right. Not meaning it tasted "bad" but just different. He said they didn't actually smoke them their but were shipped frozen and already prepped they just tossed them on the grill. He never said if they were actually smoked or not. But either way. I was right about them not being smoked there. So I could tell some form of difference.
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