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Originally Posted by Bob in St. Louis View Post
Ok, I'm good with that, but the question that begs to be asked......
"WHY" are they better?
What makes them better than ours? Is it a secret ingredient, is it the "perfect" combination of spices?
We can buy quality product, just like they can, so I'm not buying the theory that they're getting better stuff. Not by much anyway.
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ButtBurner has the answer...

Originally Posted by ButtBurner View Post
In my case, I think one reason is they use fresher and more consistent ingredients.

I find that I may make a certain rub to try, and have to buy some off the wall spice I have no other use for.

So, if I am not crazy about that rub, the spice just sits there unused, getting stale and old.

I may pull it out later and use it on something else, it might be good or it might not.

Its just a lot of expense to try something new I may or may not like, and have some oddball spices left over if I dont like it.

I have some now that I should probably throw out and make room for others

I have some basic rubs that use common ingredients that I make all the time, for those it makes sense.
Some commercial rubs used by teams are NOT mixed by the team at all, but rather contracted out to a commercial packaging company that follows specific guidelines and specified quality criteria.

My friend was a national BBQ competitor, and just at The Nugget Rib Fest in Reno he would go through almost 500 lbs of rub on that weekend alone. That was just the rub used on food and not sold as rub to the public. It was almost impossible to get all of the items, mix them, package them, all in a reasonable time and then transport them to each and every event. He found it much easier to have the items mixed and delivered to the events. Only what he sold was packaged and trucked to his home.

What he sells is exactly the same as he uses in competition.

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