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Why I use rubs...

Simply Marvelous, Steph has developed flavor profiles that I really like, they tend to a sweet side, but, that is easy to deal with. I like how the rub he has made handles, the grain size and how it behaves really works for me.

The Rub Company, I like how Ryan has captured the flavor profiles of California BBQ in his rubs. I also like the texture and handling of his rubs. It is my 'go-to' for tri-tip. I will often mix his rubs with SM rubs as they complement really well.

Three-Eyz, that rub is just plain good. Whether it is actually their comp rub or not, it has a great savory flavor. It is one of the two rubs I will use if I want to fancy up a brisket or tri-tip.

Smokin' Guns Hot, see Three-Eyz

Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust-no salt, so far the only decent so salt rub I have tried. And I like that it is a premade dust that I can use as a dust on the cooker.

Todd's Dirt, nice and herby, a good counterpoint and addition if I am looking for something different and savory.

In the end, I make my own rubs as a base for almost all the cooks I do, but, it is heavily a Santa Maria style rub, the commercial stuff fills in those additional sweet and savory flavors when I want more than salt and pepper.
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