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Originally Posted by Bludawg View Post
I'd wager a good sum that what is in the bottle you get aint the same as what they use you really think Paul Newman used that crap that is in that bottle... I got some Ocean front property in AZ I can let you have below market price.

Look, If I develop a flavor profile that wins on a steady basis I can make a whole new rub just not as good and put it in a bottle and sell it as my brand. Others will buy it thinking ts the same and looking for my success. Increasing my bottom line and swing the odds for a GC in my favor, and that is a WIN.
Ill take that wager and you'll lose. I am on the 3 eyz team and we use the rub straight out of the package on all the kcbs meats, no mixing, no added ingredients, no modifications. There is a case in the back of the truck and when we need more we go get a bag and empty it into the shaker.

What you're suggesting isn't cool and not at all what we do. Feel free to ask Dan, Chris, Dan Mc, or anyone who has ever seen us cook at a comp.
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