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Problem I found with a lot of (not all) commercial rubs is that the first ingredient is salt. I understand salt can make some foods taste better but usually there a bit to salty. I made my same rub for years and always came in second or third with ribs then last year I decided to make a new one. I was cooking pork loin for a friends wedding reception and when I opened the smoker I knew I had hit the mark with this rub. The next weekend we did a comp and finally nailed first place with our ribs. Also we were vending pulled pork and had many many comments of how our pulled pork was so much better than the rest of the teams. I will admit you have to use the freshest spices you can find and I also understand it's up to individual taste. You have to think of what taste profile your looking for I think. Not to say there is anything wrong with commercial rubs because there isn't I just think when I'm at a comp. I want everything to be from MY recipes including rubs and sauces. But that's just my opinion.
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