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Originally Posted by Bob in St. Louis View Post
Ok, I'm good with that, but the question that begs to be asked......
"WHY" are they better?
What makes them better than ours? Is it a secret ingredient, is it the "perfect" combination of spices?
We can buy quality product, just like they can, so I'm not buying the theory that they're getting better stuff. Not by much anyway.
Why are they better?

They're not

It's a crapshoot...just like BBq Comp contests are.

What you might like.........another person doesn't.

It's the same for clothes, cities, food, weather, etc

Quality doesn't always mean why ppl buy or like something........look at all
the low end crap that is purchased every day

Freshness?......I just bought some rub that has an exp date of June 2016.

It's just a matter of individual tastes.

No need to over analyze this one.

See ya at the dolla store...cuz that "great" rub will be there someday.

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