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Originally Posted by Bob in St. Louis View Post
I've not been smoking very long, but have used commercial rubs so far. The main reason, is that I lack the appropriate spices in the quantities needed for rubbing a couple butts.

I've been wanting to buy the bulk spices since day one, but haven't "gotten there yet".

That being said, I have wanted to try the SM rub you mentioned, just because of the shear amount of recommendations I've heard here. Maybe I'll not worry so much about making my own.

Good thread.
From my experience, by the time you buy in bulk, take the time to weigh and mix the spices, test it, and vac-pac to keep it fresh....

You really don't save money by doing it yourself.. Add the cost of the spices, the time required to process them (time is money), and you have saved nothing. Yes it is a fun experiment and the outcome can be good. I have tried over 100 recipes and even varied them from time to time, but never anything outstanding.

Try a rub in the commercial market and if you like it buy it in 5 lb packs for the best price. If you grow larger you can even buy 25 lb boxes from some vendors.. Not sure if SM offers these large sizes though.

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