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Default My lesson Learned in BBQ Rubs Home made vs Commercially made

I know we all discuss rub recipes and discuss which is best from time to time. Here is my newest lesson I have learned.

I used to make my own rubs using a commercial mixer, but found inconsistencies in the spice products ordered from distributors. I found that because I did not have a laboratory to test the incoming products, I was at the peril of my suppliers and what they shipped to me in bulk form was not consistent. I had made rubs for over 10 years never reaching the apex I was looking for. I used the best and freshest products available, but there was always something lacking in the balance of flavors.

5 years ago I decided to go to a commercially prepared rub which I could pick up locally in large bulk packaging. This was the key to my consistency. This worked well and I was happy without reservation. We are all familiar with the saying "Why fix what is not broken?"

However my son is going into the military and we had planned a surprise party to congratulate him on his choices in life and wish him well as he departs us to serve his country. I tried the Simply Marvelous Apple Rub on the ribs and on the pork butts. Simply Marvelous hit the ball out of the park. My hats off to them with a GREAT product, I'm sorry I didn't try it sooner, clearly it was my loss.

At first I was not crazy with the idea of trying something new. I think we get locked into this same frame of mind. When the opportunity allows, I think we should all let our guard down and try something new from time to time. My only opposition now is that many rubs are not available in bulk.

I urge those who are new to BBQ to try some of the commercial rubs available in the small packaging. I wish I had tried some of these when my cooks were smaller, it would have helped me in so many other ways.

I will probably have some opposition here, but in the end I think it is best to leave the rubs to the professional suppliers. They buy in extreme bulk at discounts, they have professional mixing and measuring equipment. In the end they have the quality control labs to provide you with a consistent product that will not change from cook to cook. It will save you a lot of work, effort, and some money in the interim, and there are so many choices out there.

I look forward to expanding my horizons on smaller family cooks in the future as I try some of the many other choices that await me as I experiment.
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