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Sorry for being absent guys. Out of town at trade show.

Landarc - by undercooked you mean to low of a temp? or I should have left in on longer? Just want to be clear about my next endeavor. BTW, please feel free to hijack any of my threads. It was understood that title begs for a little ...

I thought about just letting it go longer in oven to see what would happed, but I had tipped a few and was heading down hill fast. I couldn't see it getting any better.

I thought about increasing the temp on the next one. I just wanted to make sure it got plenty of smoke time. Whats the best temp?

So increasing the temp and not wrapping? Or putting in a pan to "braise" and little? Just not sure if you supposed to cover the pan or leave open.

I did enjoy the brisket even though I was pretty sure it was overcooked. I like it like that. There is a BBQ place here in town that serves it shredded like that and I love it. I have been putting on a little tortillia with some sour cream, fresh lime, and salsa. Freakin good.

Jmoney - that stuff looks great. Will defintely give it a try. I have one more left in the freezer.

Thanks for helping learn!
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