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Originally Posted by SDAR View Post
I really like the primes I've been getting from Creekstone though. I can get a choice to be as tender and probably close to as juicy, but the taste is wow without any help. They beat the heck out of the choice I can get around here.
I'll second the Creekstone. As mentioned earlier by the platypus, this is Q Talk and I am not sure I would spend the extra money for one for backyard cooking/eating. In 15 comps, I had 2 top 10s in brisket (using Wagyu and CABs) prior to switching to Creekstone, after the switch, I had 3 top 5s in 5 comps (one being a win).......and one of the two where I was outside was at the Jack so I was not shocked to be outside the top.

Maybe they just fit my cooking style, but I have been very pleased and have had very good comp results with the Creekstone Primes.

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