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There is a difference between prime and wagyu in my opinion. It's almost two different meats as far as taste and texture based on my limited experience. Again, this is my opinion.

I really like the primes I've been getting from Creekstone though. I can get a choice to be as tender and probably close to as juicy, but the taste is wow without any help. They beat the heck out of the choice I can get around here.

With that being said, I talked with a buddy of mine that sells meat and I asked him why we don't get prime briskets in my town. He said that we probably do...that most of the CABs are graded "choice or better" and you have to know the difference when selecting them from the counter.

I still think the last few Creekstone's I've bought were better. It may be wishful thinking based on what I paid for them, but the guests seemed to agree.
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