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It seems around here that all of the stores carry EXCEL brand briskets. Kroger, Publix, Star Market, Wal Mart, Sams, all carry EXCEL brand briskets. You can find Select, Choice and Prime. That being said, around here I am not sure it would make any difference where you bought one. You would have to determine what grade, and finally which brisket you feel is the best. I dont put much faith in the flop method, and I'm not sure I would put much faith in the squeeze method. Kroger freezes their briskets, and all of them might. So if you squeezed one that had not fully thawed out you might think it was firmer than one that had fully thawed. I look at the size, shape, and marble. Then I pick what I believe is the best available. If I were to cook one that I thought was questionable from the start, I would bet I would be more critical of that one.
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