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One crazy thing that happened to me.

I smoked a 12 lb brisket one Sunday – we sliced and ate on it that night – nothing fancy just good smoked meat. We had a good bit left over along with the fat strained Aus Jus. I came home for lunch on Monday looking to make me a killer brisket Sammie and the fridge was bare – no brisket in sight.

When my wife cam home she told me that they had a lunch at her work and she just took the sliced brisket – tossed it in the crock pot with the Aus Jus and let it heat up on low until lunch. She said that it was gone in 15 minutes and I even had people call me to smoke them a brisket at Christmas.

I explained to my wife that in Mississippi that a man can legally beat his wife if she takes his brisket but it did not faze her.

My point is – I never would have thought reheated brisket like that would be any good but I guess it works.
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