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Listen to T, he knows a thang or two about brisket!

Personally, I will only do a full packer, I have not consistently liked the results that I get on a flat, and as you noted, the over all price is usually about the same for either a packer or just a flat.

One thing that I've found works really well for me is slow and low for the first couple hours to set the ring and then crank it to about 300 until I get the desired color I'm looking for, this is usually closer to 150-165* at that point you can foil the whole thing or separate the flat & point and foil separately.

Edit: I usually separate the two cuz I feel that they cook to doneness at different rates/times - to make this easier, when I prep the packer I trip between the point & flat to remove part of that monster hunk of fat that's usually hiding in there. I also put plenty of rub between them. Once you're ready to separate them, they will peel apart with little effort, important when they are that hot! Now T is going to scold me for The Great Sin I have recommended...

Once temp on it hits 190+ I move it to a preheated cooler and wrap with warm towels and let it rest there for 3+ hours. In the cooler is where it finally gives up the ghost and gets tender.

As for bark, I dunno, ask someone else, my bark always sucks after being in the foil for so long...
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