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Originally Posted by Haveuseen1? View Post
It could just be our area, but all of the grocery stores carry flats, and a few carry whole packers. Sams carrys packers and no flats. The crazy thing is whole packers at Sams run 2.38-2.58lb. last weekend they had quite a few that were right at 28.00 that looked really nice. In the grocery store the flats cost nearly as much as a whole packer, roughly the 20.00 range. The whole packer is intimidating due to its size, and it does take some time to cook, but the 8.00 or so is well worth it.
No it is a common practice I was in Walmart the other day I was looking at a Choice packer around 12 lb it was 25 & change right next to it was a hunk of brisket point with a little flat attached trimmed to hell & back hitting the scale at 5 lb it was 25.00 too. I left with neither the flats on the choice where thin. I went to HEB and found a nice 14.8 lb Select packer for 1.97 lb. Came out nice too.
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