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It was good, but underdone. Had to finish it in the oven.

I meant to snap some pictues last night but between the baby having a bad evening and the Mrs. tired from the night before staying up with him all night due to crying, I was running around like a mad man yesterday.

I ended up using all 4 burners on my gasser and then putting the spatchcock'ed chicken in a disposable pan on top of a baking rack to elevate it from the juices it was dripping out. I then put that pan right on the grate. I just couldn't get my grill up hot enough at the grate with only using two out of four burners.

Using my Maverick I put a probe into the thigh at cooked it until 180 which took approx 40 minutes. I made the mistake of not cutting into it near the bone to check for doneness. I then pulled it and let it rest right on the pan loosly coverned in foil and then finished cooking the corn on the cob and cabbage on the grill.

We plated up and dug in only to find out the chicken wasn't done. So 15 minutes later in the oven at 350F we dug in again. Spectacular! I have never brined or spatchcock'ed before and I am now a believer. I won't cook chicken any other way from now on.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll be sure to document my cooks better in the future with pictures! Also, need to check for doness by looking at it and not just blindly trusting the prob temp.
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