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Originally Posted by DawgPhan View Post
We hand make a series of sauces to build on our flavor profile. Each sauce is used at a different point in the process. We also build a custom finishing sauce for each box that is applied as a thin mist just before closing the box. This is a highly aromatic "sauce" that helps pull in the "nose" of our product.

We also dip all of our parsley in a handmade small batch sauce made with local and organic ingredients including honey from bees that I raise myself. I have a deep and personal relationship with every ingredient that I use in each of the 23 different sauces that we use to build our flavor profile in our finished product.

I also age several of my sauces in barrels that were used to formerly age Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon. Sauces age anywhere from 1 week to 5 years and then our master blender mixes each sauce to taste right before our boxes are put together. That is why we are always the last team to get our boxes turned in.
I assume you are using the Pappy 20 year.....otherwise you're doing it wrong
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