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Default Re: The Raw Brisket Flop Test For Tenderness

Originally Posted by bigabyte View Post
This. The test is legit, but a thick fat cap will make even a tender brisket appear rigid while in cryo. All that said however, any brisket floppy in cry is tender, guaranteed. Another "gotcha" is how tightly wrapped in cryo it is. It is possible for even a floppy brisket to appear rigid depending on the factor of how tightly "sucked in" it is. Hope that makes sense. When all is said and done though...if it is in cryo, and is floppy, it's tender. But a lot of the unfloppy ones MIGHT also be tender.

So pick the one that looks best to you. Not floppiness.

Make sense yet? Confused yet?

I do think the squeeze/poke test I mentioned above gets around some of the flaws of the flop/bend test.
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