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Default Weekend Butt Action

Had a break in bad weather this weekend so I planned on firing up the WSM to throw on a couple butts and try out some new rubs.

Both butts were around 9 pounds each. The other two butts are for a follow up cook this next weekend.


I trimmed the fat caps off of both Saturday night before bed. Both were injected with Myron Mixon's injection from his book. They both went back into the fridge until the next morning. About 6am I pulled them both out of their pans, drained the excess liquid, and patted them dry before rubbing them down. One got SM sweet seduction and the other got BPS money rub. No mustard or oil, just rubbed before going back in the fridge to sweat it out while I got the WSM ready.


I went with a mix of cherry/hickory chunks buried in an almost full ring of weekend warrior lump. Minion method used. WSM was put together and brought up to a temp of 275.


Once I was running clean with sweet blue smoke, the butts went on with a maple fatty rubbed with butt glitter around 7:30am.


Once the fatty hit an IT of 175 I pulled it off and put a hot fatty rubbed with yardbird back on to cover my breakfast protein for the work week.


Now I was in the home stretch. No spritzing or wrapping planned so I sliced the first fatty to make some breakfast sandwiches with ghetto sliced american cheese, fried egg, sriracha, and a light slather of mayo on toast. Whole wheat toast because I enjoy a healthy breakfast.


Fell into a sweet fatty coma on the couch...

Once the butts hit an IT of 195 I started checking their bones to see if they'd wiggle free. Checked back every 30 minutes until the bones wiggled free on each which was between the 205-210 temp. Pulled them both around 3pm.


Double wrapped in foil before also wrapping them in towels and resting them in the cooler for a couple hours. At 5pm they came out and were pulled.


Really enjoyed both new rubs alot, but if I had to choose between the two, it would be the sweet seduction. It was a great way to spend a lazy Sunday. Thanks for checkin it!
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