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Originally Posted by jerry View Post
Pork in the Park
My name is Jerry Elliott. I went to the County with the idea to start Pork in the Park. It grew from a small 10 team competition to one of the largest in the country. Most of that, is because of Sandy Fulton. She believed in Pork in the Park and she worked hard to make it a success. I understand that she has been terminated from continuing in this endeavor. Not only that, but the County has sent 2 people to Florida to learn how to run this competition. When they had an expert right here all along known as Sandy Fulton. Why?????? There is no way they can learn from one meeting in Florida for such a large event in Salisbury, Md.

I hate to hear this, but I will say this-

Elections have consequences. That's all I'll say because people are skeert of polllllitics.
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