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How about an old Throwdown entry? I made a gluten free pie reminiscent of pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches. It was soooo good. Too bad I was still using my old camera, the new one would have done it justice. This savoury pie is smoked.

Originally Posted by Kathy's Smokin' View Post
Please accept this official entry into the "Pulled" TD titled "Pulled Pork and Coleslaw Pie"

Whole pork shoulder below -- 9 kg so about 19#.

The first rub was leftover rib rub I made up (in fridge photot), the second layer was made from the ingredients in the other photo. I really liked the flavour of celery seed in the finished pulled pork.

Got to work on the slaw. Used Guerry's dressing recipe 'cept the hot sauce 'cause my other half is a wuss. Used a technique from Learning Querve that used salt and time sitting to pull water out of the vegetables. Especially important I thought for using in a pie.

Look at this shoulder after 14 hours! About a quarter of the coal was mesquite, tasted great.

The afternoon snow made me crave something hot and delicious. Then again, I was out tending the smoker as usual in my bare feet, etc.. This drink was absolutely delicious and went down fast leaving a fuzzy warmth. Normally I have the utmost respect for single malt scotch but I quite disliked this one --the Rolo picked it right up!

Now to make a gluten free pie crust for two pies.

In the food processor.

Put the dough balls in the fridge and got the shoulder out to start pulling.

Got some help from my canine son who was well rewarded throughout the pull.

Took a picture outside in the rain because I wanted a good chance to get true colours for the pull. The smoke ring was so red and beautiful. Too bad they didn't turn out truer.


Pulling took quite a while and my dough balls had to warm up a bit before they would budge.

Making a version of Guerry's slaw dressing -- with less sugar for this savoury pie and of course no hot sauce.

Pies with a layer of pulled pork in the bottom.

Now a layer of coleslaw!

Made a silicone ring from a baking mat to protect pie edges but it wasn't needed this time.

Here's dinner.

I have to say this pie was absolutely delicious! I plan to make many more. When I get better at it I'll post a new pie cook in Qtalk with the gluten free pastry recipe. I encourage anyone who loves meat pies like I do and who loves slaw on a pulled pork sammy to try making a pie, it's fantastic. The cabbage gives it amazing flavour and the tangy slaw dressing worked well with the pork seasonings. The mesquite flavour was lovely, too.

Thanks for looking.
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