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Originally Posted by MrTaterSalad View Post
Alright here it is. My father and I are looking at starting up a carryout BBQ restaurant. We've gone through and done a lot of investigative work that it takes to both start a business and open a restaurant. We've got costs estimated and spread-sheeted, we've looked at vendors, created and re-created and re-created again a menu for the joint.

We've been able to cooperate with one another through nearly every aspect of this process but one, the name. It started out as an "I'm not sure about that choice" to a full scale disagreement. Normally my father is the more stubborn of the two, however, I'm the horse bucking back on this one.

Many people, I feel enough, have seen the move "Silence of the Lambs". "Hello Clarisse". Now, the name I want to use plays off of the title of the movie. I want to call the restaurant "Silence of the Hams BBQ" since we're featuring a pork-heavy menu. I came up with the name watching the movie one evening and I find it to be clever, unique and catchy. Clientele in my mind will get the connection, laugh at it's cleverness and still have no trouble dining with us. My father however (and my mother for that matter) find the name to be clever yet overly disgusting and ultimately bad for business. They're also trying to convince me that other people will be thoroughly disgusted by the name and not want to carryout at a restaurant that makes connections to a movie about a cannibal. I just think it is too clever to pass up.

Am I completely off base? Does the name "Silence of the Hams BBQ" turn you off to the point of not wanting to get food from a place with that name? Do you think it would detract other clientele? We have a plethora of other names, should I give up and accept something else?

I absolutely would NOT refer to that movie. I'd not want it associated in any way to a restaurant.

A cannibal?


Bad, bad idea.

You asked for opinions.......
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