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Default Frustrated noob.(Chukie on a OTG)

So I tied up a nice 3.7 lb chuck roast I got from Stater Bros this morning and then gave it a good coat of Bovine Bold.
Then set up the OTG for some minion, Kigsford blue off to one side in the Weber charcoal basket. Couple of chunks of applewood buried here and there. Lit up 8 or 9 coals, covered and waited for the temp to come up to 225 or so. Took a long time for the thick white smoke to calm down to a thinner blue.
Anyhow, got the meat probed up and on the grate. After 4+hours of 250ish the internal temp never got past 150. I wanted to get it to 160 then wrap it with a little broth and then let it come to 200 so I can pull it.
I was frustrated by lack of progress so I pulled it from the weber, put it in my drip tray with a little broth, a few slices of onion and a few diced up cloves of garlic. I put it in the oven, coverd, at 330 and waited till it hit 200. Pulled it out of the oven, felt rock hard. No buttah proben' to be had. Let it rest for 20 and came back. It was so damned dry I almost cried. Even the smoke ring seemed a little weak. Flavor was lacking as well. Last time I used Bovine Bold on some short ribs I used too much and was a bit salty. This time I used a little less and I could barely taste it.

I will take ANY suggestions or theories on why it may have come out so dry?

I do appreciate anything!
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