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Out of the wicked good BBQ book I take it.
Activa rm... Well what's to say, it works great. I have used it a few times, but since I don't do kcbs comps I quit using it. It also works great for bacon wrapped stuff. After a grand champ win last year out of 108 we were certain we were going to the royal invitational. We chickened out at the last minute after we found out how much it was gonna cost for the round trip including upgraded sites. The one and only practice I did for kcbs with scraped skin and activa (meat glue). That skin wasn't coming off!!

After all that trimming, deboning, skin removal, skin scraping, meat glue through a strainer, cleanup, building a stupid presentation box of parsley with the worlds stickiest BBQ sauce (dumb idea), dipping the chicken in the sauce, setting the sauce, spritzing with apple juice before turn in, I decided I would never do it again, kcbs is not for me. To me it just ain't BBQ
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