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Originally Posted by Ron_L View Post
Great looking pizzas! What temp did you cook them at and how long?
I usually cook them in the egg at 550F, but apparently the tipo00 flour likes higher temps better. So next time I will try 700F+ and see what happens. I let hem go for 5mins, spin them, take out the parchment, and let them go for 5mins more, so about 10mins total.

Originally Posted by Thermal Mass View Post
Very nice!
Some nice thin crust, the 00 makes that much easier.
I have been wanting to try the tandoori chicken/turkey in our WFO.
Really jealous of your weather... It will be nearly 4 months for us here..,
This was the first time I used the tipo 00, so I have to learn how to work with it. I liked the crispiness of the crust though.

Tandoori chicken comes out great at high temps. Tandoors run b@lls-to-the-wall hot as there is no temp regulation, so your WFO should do a great job. I've been following your build, and that's a sweet piece of work!

Originally Posted by luke duke View Post
How do you form your crusts?
I roll them out with a rolling pin. I'm not adept enough to get them thin by hand, so I end up pushing a lot of the air/gas out by rolling them. But I am happy with the end result,so it works for me.

Originally Posted by DerHusker View Post
Yum! Great looking pizzas! I have 2 questions.

1. How was the Maple Pecan Porter?

2. Do those kamado carts have brakes on them so you done end up with a kamado in the pool!
The Maple Pecan Porter was reeaaallly good! Nice hint of maple sweetness to round of the robust flavor of the porter. One of my favorite Sam Adams brews yet. Its in the Spring Thaw Variety Pack.

The carts do not have brakes on them . It haunts me constantly that they will decide to take a dip inthe pool one day! I always place a chock of some kind under the wheels to keep them from rolling.
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