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Default Weber Genesis S-330 Help talk me into it or out of it.

My wife and I are the designated cooks for our cabin weekends in the summer. We spend about 100 days at the cabin in the summer and most of those we are cooking for 3 to 10 people depending on what is going on.

I have a BGE out there as well as a hybrid grill that we use a ton. The hybrid is on its last leg and my wife has been shopping for a good outdoor griddle. We make at least on meal for the whole family every day and often we make a large breakfast and then the evening meal. We use a griddle quite a bit but have not had much success with the options we have tried.

We have tried the camp chef griddle that fits over our camp chef double burner and various griddles that sort of fit on the hybrid. Since hybrid is on its last leg we have been looking at the Weber Genesis S-330

and the griddle inserts that you can order for it.

This would be the most expensive gas grill I've ever owned and as much as I like Weber I"m having a hard time justifying the $1000.00 price tag.

Anyone have experience with this model? I'd especially like to hear from anyone who has tried the griddle inserts.

Thanks for your help.

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