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Default UDS temp issues

Just fired up the UDS and this is the first full smoke. Originally drilled the holes on the lid at 1/4 in but then corrected to 1/2 in.

I'm using 4x 3/4 nipples for intakes, no ball valve for control. And 8x 1/2 in holes for exhaust

Lit her up and had no issue, but them i put the ribs on and it doesn't want to get above 225 with two nipples open. It's been 45 min or so.

I'm thinking it could be what I'm using for my fire pan. I'm using a stainless steel 10in cullendar to hold the lump in. S m thinking it could be the amount of air getting to the lump.

Another compounding issue is I'm noticing condensation on the lid inside the UDS. Thinking b/c it's not hot enough? Also the lid fits pretty good but it does have a little play in it b/c it bowed during the burn out.

Any thoughts? I'll post some pics shortly of the cullendar and of course the finished product.
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