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Default Lamb breast and weird lump action.

So i decided to cook up some lamb breast i got at walmart for a good price. Something ive never made and it was cheap enough that if i fark it up, oh well. So here it is, comes in two pieces:

And sesoned with Italian seasoning, basil thyme oregeno and misc others.

So, onto the weird lump action. I have never started my UDS with lump, i have it in the basket but usually use Stubb briqs in the chimney. Well i figured since it was raining i wanted it to start faster so i tried using a hand full of lump. Damn does that get hot and ready FAST, it even turned my chimney white, and after i dumped it in my basket it took about 10 seconds for my drum thermo to read 250 . Is this normal for lump? I closed the vents some, and im going to check it out in a minute to check the temp.
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