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Originally Posted by Pastaboy View Post

This is what i need help with:

Dual probe thermo - Amazon.

Smoking wood, where to get it- Smokilicious or Fruita wood, both internet sites. Most Hardware stores like Lowes or Home depot carry a few types of chunks and chips.

and what kinds?- Hickory, Apple, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Mesquite. For a good starting wood, try Apple or Maple. Both go well with most cuts and you won't have to worry too much about over smoking like you would with Hickory. That said though, I tried Apple my first go around and soon switched to hickory and maple. The hickory gives a strong smoke flavor and I use the maple for when I want to get a really deep smoke ring over a long cook. Since it is a much milder wood than hickory, I can use more of it longer without worrying too much about oversmoking.

Covers for uds and akorn (I'm in Chicago area)- Again, Amazon or the big box stores. A cover for a UDS will have to be a trial and error kind of thing. Buy a cover, take it home, see if it fits. If no, take it back. If yes, keep it.

Charcoal or lump- Kingsford Blue Bag is always a good start for briquettes. I like Stubb's briquettes better but that is just me. Royal Oak lump is okay for starters in the lump arena. I really only like it for grilling, but again, that's me. If you try anything better than RO though, like Wicked Good or the BGE lump, you will never go back to RO without hating it. Some guys use one brand all the time regardless of availability or price. I'm in that crowd with Stubb's. Its all I use in all of my cookers. Other guys, buy whatever is cheapest or on sale. Try a few different brands and see what you like. Try lump vs briquettes and see what you like. Its all personal preference.

Rubs- Try making your own or steal a recipe from online (or here). Or be lazy like me and go store bought. Again, most of this is total personal preference.

What's a good first attempt on uds? Fatty,chicken,wings?- ALL OF THE ABOVE*!!!

*(Though to really break in the UDS, go with something that has a high fat content like a pork butt or fatty. The grease drippings will help to serve as a natural seasoning to the inside of the drum, especially over a long cook like for a butt. Be sure to post some pr0n as well! )
That help?!
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