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Default Flap Steak and Tamales

Flap meat is arguably the ideal choice of cut for carne asada. And oh, what a precious treat it is for me!-- literally mouthwatering deeliciousness bite after bite. First I would like to introduce a most savory rub, one of which I am quite fond and highly recommend from Chef Merito:

I should point out at this point that this post is actually a combination of three meals that I prepared this week, to better illustrate with the prons what I produced and hoped to produce.

I find it is a good thing to let the meat marinate after applying the rub. For that extra "Je ne sais quoi" I like to include the juice of an orange and minced garlic. (Lucky me has homegrown citrus trees in my backyard). Here is what that marinade looks like:

Okay, I prefer to cook my carne asada a bit more slowly, over indirect heat. I toss on a chunk o' lump mesquite over the hardwood charcoals and let all the flavors settle in.

Here's how today's process went from start to finish:

Here is how a plated pic came out on one I did a few days ago-- not quite revealing enough.

And here is tonight's plated pic, served topped with plenty of salsa, with spinach and Hass avocado on the side.

Actually, I wanted to present a more traditional culinary lineup for this carne asada by including some homemade Mexican rice and refried black beans. Regrettably I didn't quite get that far, so I resort to my tamale dinner. Here is how that went:

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