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Today...I changed things up a little. I bought some rub that sounded like all my ingredients minus the chipolte powder...from Big Poppa..the Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rub. Did the same apple cider and Makers Mark in spritz bottle...and went with sweet baby rays for finishing sauce if at all.

kept cooker at 225*.....3 hours cook....1.5 hour wrapped....30 minutes open

put wings on when I wrapped same as before.

both were lightly covered in the rub...whereas last time I coated them all like I would a pork shoulder. I thought it was too heavy for the ribs and the wings so did a even light sprinkle on everything instead.

fire sometimes went up to 240 until I got things set right....and then stayed from 218-230 on average for entire cook.

Spritzed every hour.....then after unwrapping put a light strip of bbq sauce on and let cooker warm it up after I spread around.

Spritzed wings too....

Invited brother in law, wife, kids, and my youngest daughter over... they loved them more than on Superbowl they said...especially the wings.

I am much more pleased as well....still fighting to learn a way of doing the lump so I can not tend fire as much. Used little too much today and had to pull a shovel full out of charcoal drawer to lower temp and make more time will try again. :) :)

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