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Originally Posted by flyingbassman5 View Post
Take it from a Saint Louis native living in the pork steak capital of the world..

First, make sure you know what a pork steak actually is. A true pork steak comes from a thick cut sliced up bone in butt. Some guys mistake pork chops for pork steaks. A good size steak is 1/2" to 3/4" thick uncooked. My recipe for steaks is to grill over direct heat in the weber kettle until tender. Season before hand with your favorite pork rub. Once tender, sauce them with your favorite Q sauce while still on the hot kettle. Set the sauce on both sides and then pull. If you are serving right then and there, go from the grill to the plate. If you are transporting or serving later, place the cooked steaks in a roasting pan with a splash of more Q sauce and place in the oven on the lowest temp. 160 is best, but I get away with 175-180 on mine with no issues. They come out and serve up just a little more tender, but are still fantastic and don't just fall apart.

I have smoked them at 225 before and they turn out just as good when cooked to the 170 IT mark. Tender and juicy with a smoke ring that penetrates almost the entire steak. Both methods are great.

I personally prefer to grill them because they take an hour(ish) to go from prep to finish. They are a great evening meal for weeknights.

Best thing is to just not over think it. Remember the KISS method.
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Go Cards!
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