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Default 2nd Ribs

Well today I decided to try ribs again and some wings as well just like I did for Superbowl.

First time....used homemade rub......also made up a mop/spray of apple cider vinegar-Makers Mark......and finished with little honey on ribs. Wings just the same rub from ribs is all...with a spritz of the cider-bourbon mix half way through cook.
Ribs and Wings everyone loved...I thought they had a little too much bite (spicy bite) for average eaters...I wanted a little more sweet or at least a milder spice. Here are pics from first try......

cooked around 235 using a 2.5-1.5-1 interval on ribs..... put wings on during foiled portion of ribs and then when I pulled ribs off completely I opened up the vents and let the wings crisp up some around 250-275* for 15 minutes.

The ribs were overcooked even if very tender...but think the thin ends were a little dry later while eating. 8 different people tried them not in family circle...and all loved them and said moist and said they thought the ribs were dry...I think he got a piece on the thin end. This was also the day after Superbowl after they were refrigerated all night and then warmed up for lunch at work. They were not sampled right after cooking as is eased the pain a little. LOL

Yeah, I was playing with the Maverick electronic thermometer even on the ribs...LMAO. That is how I found a good 50*F difference from lid thermometer and the Maverick. :(
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