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Originally Posted by Mdboatbum View Post
Next time try rinsing them thoroughly then letting them sit out for 10-15 minutes. If the smell dissipates, they're fine. If they still stink, toss em. I've had ribs that stunk like a bushel of rotten eggs, then after rinsing were fine.
Originally Posted by caseydog View Post
I have opened cryovac packages of pork before that had pretty strong rotten egg smells, but rinsed the meat well, and the smell went away. They cooked up fine.
^ +1 ... One of the effects of the cyro-packaging is that nitrogen is introduced to make an oxygen free package. Sometimes the remnants of the package gives a strong odor (like they said above). Simply rinse and wait a few minutes and all is well. The meat isn't spoiled even though the odor can be over-powering.

This is referred to as a "Gasser" by most butchers.
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