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Default wholly cow man!! saved my cook!!!

I have a new Ok Joe and have a few cooks under my belt, I feel that I know it well enough to try a brisket. I have done a few on other smokers.


Fire up my pit this morning about 7 am, use the same routine I have in the other cooks.

taking forever to heat up. Ok, just ride with it.

Got it to about 225, decided to go ahead and put the meat on, I am shooting for 250f or so

then disaster hits. Could not get it any hotter, all I was getting was white ugly smoke. After fiddling with it for a while, as my heart is sinking, I realise that I am not getting a flame, I am using lump to get it going then going to sticks.

now its at 200 and going nowhere fast

Man what the hell is going on??

Then it dawns on me that I am not using the same firewood that I used on the other cooks, this was from my wood pile for my fireplace. Last cook I used bundled wood from Kroger, it actually worked great.

So I pull that wood off and put more of the kroger wood I had left over. Flames right away...

EUREKA!!! the the smoker is happily chugging along at 260f, just like before.

Ahhhh time for a beer...I can reeeeeelax now

man I was worried for awhile there!!!

no more of that firewood for the smoker!! that wood is kinda old an must have been wet, I did put it on my firebox and it was smoldering when I put it in, did not matter....

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