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Originally Posted by Biggen View Post
I'm almost 3.5 hours in and the temp is holding at 275~. Love my WSM! My internal temp is showing 184 which seems high to me for a 7.5lb butt at this time in the cook. Wonder if my meat prob has malfunctioned or something.

Also, I hate this Maveric ET-73. The range on the receiver is horrible. If I move it more than 10 feet away from the transmitter unit it stops updating. I'll be buying the 732 ASAP and throwing this thing in the garbage.

I hear the fat and grease hitting the top of my foiled water pan so I know
I'm making headway!.
Don't panic on the temp. When it reads 190-195 just confirm it with your thermapen and if both are the same then your good to go.
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