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Default Judge and Team Applications / Judges' Liaison Program

SV_smoker That is an absolutely outstanding idea.

The Rocky Mountain BBQ Association has had a similar program in effect just for judges for at least two or more years.

It is called the Judges' Liaison Program (JLP). It is absolutely outstanding!!!

A cut & paste appears below.

Any comments from the Board?

Any comments from the Brethren?
Judges' Liaison Program
"Manage Your Judging Experience"

Welcome BBQ Judges!

The Judges' Liaison Program is an online program that allows you to manage your judging experience by following four simple steps: Login to your account, sign up for the BBQ events you want to judge, monitor your list position, and Lock In events when the opportunity is presented.

Login or Create a Judge's Account
If you already have an account use the Login area to login. If you don't have an account click the 'Create Judge's Account' link on the right to get started! You will be required to enter your name, email address and your zip code; CBJs please complete the KCBS Judge's Certification Information as well. The additional contact information, while optional, should be entered to complete your Judge's Profile.

Sign Up for the BBQ Events You Want to Judge
When you sign up to judge an event your name is entered on a first-come-first-served weighted list for that event. Each judge is weighted and that weight determines the initial position on an event's list as well as later movement on that list. Your position on an event's list will change both up and down because of weight factors. Weight factors include things like the date you signed up, your judging preference, and if you are a CBJ or not.

Know Your List Position and Understand What it Means
Your list position is an indicator of your chances of getting to judge an event. For example if your list position is 10 and the event is expecting to need 66 judges your chances are real good. Good enough in fact to book airfare and make a hotel reservation. If on the other hand your list position is 64 you might want to hold off on making travel plans until you are able to Lock In.

"Lock In" Your Seat at a Judging Table
As an event draws near you may be given the opportunity to "Lock In" your position on their list thus ensuring your seat at one of their judging tables. Once you are "Locked In," pack your bags and get ready to taste some great BBQ.

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