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Welcome to the site. I saw that episode as well. All I can say is that I've never done that. I have hot smoked salmon (store bought at about 250F.) I found that cherry wood works very well for it.

I know of no reason why AB's method would not work and I'd be surprised if someone here had not tried it. I suppose it could be done in a WSM using a hot plate or soldering iron and sawdust.

I'm very fond of my WSMs and an 18.5 was my first. Many here will recommend that and others will suggest a 22.5. The only reason I have a 22.5 is because it came up on CL for $150 and I have no impulse control.

Truth be told, I probably get more use out of my mini-WSM because it's so versatile. I used it just tonight to smoke some mac 'n cheese and then dumped the coals into my 22.5 kettle to grill some veggies and fish (walleye and bass.)
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