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Default Pork in the park

My name is Jerry Elliott, and Iím writing as a follow-up to my post from earlier this week. Knowing that there is always 2 sides to every story, I have since sought out the other side. I have to say that my mindset has now shifted. I mentioned earlier that I was the one who approached the County 10 years ago with the idea for Pork in the Park. Since then, Iíve watched it grow to become a world-class event. I for one would like to see it continue to grow. So letís not tarnish the future. Instead, letís come together, moving forward to play our role in making this event a success. This yearís festival promises to be just as strong, if not stronger then years past. So Iíll be at Pork in the Park this year, but I wonít be protesting. Instead, Iíll be embracing the competition and having a good time Ė just like I always do
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