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Originally Posted by bo_gator View Post
Can we get some clarification here

There is a difference between an EIN (Employer Identification Number) issued by the I.R.S., and a state tax ID number, issued by the state. Since there is no Federal Sales Tax, at least not yet, I fail to see how an EIN could be used to exempt anyone from paying a state’s Sales Tax.

An EIN is pretty simple to get from, but at least here in NC, all you have to do is fill out a form to get a “Sales Tax Number”. The stickler is that once you are issued a “Sales Tax Number” NC expects the sales tax forms/reports to be filed each month/quarter, even if no taxable sales were made.

So, is it an EIN that is required or a state Sales Tax Number (i.e. tax exempt number)
I never said that the EIN had anything to do with the state sales tax. Its for federal payroll tax, if I said or implied that I am sorry, it was a mistake on my part

All I am telling you is this is what it took to get me the membership.

I did not have to present any kind of sales licence.

Look up federal from W 9. The number on it is the federal tax number, or EIN (employer ID number)

thats what I have her. that should answer the questions. This was in Michigan, I have no idea if it applies to other RD's.
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