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Default Probe test on foiled brisket?

Cooking my first brisket this weekend on my KJ and have read page after page of different opinions on how best to do it.

One common point is that the brisket is done when it is probe tender, regardless of time or temp. For those of you that use the Texas Crutch method, how do you do this test? Do you just shoot for a target temperature or do you unwrap the foil, probe, and rewrap if necessary?

I plan on applying a salt free rub tonight and letting it sit overnight. Tomorrow morning, I will inject it with a beef broth/worcester sauce mixture and sprinkle with some salt before putting it on the grill at 225.

The only thing I have not decided yet is whether or not to foil it. If I can't use the probe test, I will probabyl just cook through the stall without foil.
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