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Originally Posted by Carbon View Post
I'm in California and own a non-food related small business. A Federal Tax ID and a Seller's Permit (Board of Equalization) issued by the state are two different things obviously. I would assume they need to see your Seller's Permit for verification as virtually anyone can get a Federal Tax ID, on-line, immediately, and that would be too easy.
I know.

All I gave them was a copy of the Federal form W-9 that my employer filled out that gives them thier EIN (employer ID Number), which is also the Tax ID. I had a biz licence, she did not even look at it. Said I did not need it

Also strange was she was supposed to copy my drivers licence. But their copier did not work, she told me just to stop by the desk next time I was in and they would copy it then. Did not seem concerned about that either.

there was also a form in the packet about buying tax exempt, which I am not doing. I am paying tax on everything, I still had to sign that form, she said it was just for thier records, even though I did not fill it out. Just signed it
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