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Originally Posted by spyderman View Post
buy a good oyster knife (I second the Carolina Oyster Knife); after shucking the first dozen you will b an expert.
My wife and I have a little tradition of trying to learn or do something entirely new for each of our birthdays. Sort of a "new year, new skill" philosophy. Some of the highlights have been eating L'escargot (that was an easy one), learning how to ice skate (for me), learning how to shoot skeet (for her) and taking culinary classes.
Since your birthday is coming up, why not take this opportunity to get to the point where you can truthfully say "I used to be really bad at shucking oysters". Get a good oyster knife and watch a few youtube vids on how to do it. In addition to the knife, get a Kevlar glove if you're nervous about hurting yourself. An oyster knife is neither sharp nor pointy, so the risk is small but accidents do happen. Oh, and by the way, MAKE SURE you get an oyster knife and not a clam knife. The clam knife will have a sharpened edge and a much more flexible blade. You'll be a shucking machine in no time. Fresh oysters are WAY better than packed.
Good luck and Happy Birthday!
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