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Any organizer that is relying on Reps to deal with such issues should be hung out to dry, and the teams making such requests along side them!

Reps are neither expected, nor capable of resolving such problems beyond the the basic common sense stuff along the lines of "cut my hose splitter in between yours and the next team". And frankly that kind of simple stuff should be resolved by teams cooperating and working it out without calling on anybody. If there is some sort of serious electrical failure or whatnot my contest Reps refer such issues to me as the organizer as I would expect them to. The issues get resolved more efficiently that way.

I don't know of any pro team beyond the total virgin stage that would expect a KCBS Rep to deal with such things as power and water. Sure, it's human nature to gripe to anyone within earshot when you're stressed, but the Pros know better than to lay that kind of trip on their Reps, at least in these parts. Can't say how things are in Virginia, but if that's the norm y'all need to set some boundaries!

Reps are there to supervise the competition, not service the campground.
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